The writer/director

Chris originates from Sheffield, but he now lives in Chester with his two young sons. Along the way he’s had several adventures in the world including cycling across Australia for Cancer Research and buying land from cannibals. As well as plays, Chris also writes screenplays and novels. His past work includes; Mickey, a radio play for the BBC in 2001, Tales From the Riverbank in 2001, The Last Train to Jordan Road in 2003, (called Mafioso for the Edinburgh Fringe later in that year,) The Fourth Wall which ran at The Old Red Lion Theatre in Islington and then in Edinburgh in 2005 and The Baby Box which ran for a month at The Old Red Lion Theatre 2008. Slasher Kincade toured the UK in 2010. Charlie Bangers ran at the The Lowry in Salford Quays in Sepetmber 2011 and his last play, Hurricane Hill toured the UK between 2013 aqnd 2015 to critical acclaim.


“Married. But Lonely continues my tradition of writing original, story-based plays. I believe audiences enjoy a good story especially when this is reinforced by credible, strong characters. This production, as with my previous shows, places acting and words right up there on the front line. I direct to make both these as prominent as possible. This means that there are no escape lanes and so the writing and acting really have to work. This is a perilous but honest approach, but I am confident this new piece will be enjoyed and apreciated just as those before if have clearly been.”    


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